CASIS has compiled a series of dashboard metrics that encompasses all of the major functions for the organization. The charts on this page are dedicated to showcasing all progress that has been made within these core functions, from the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory utilization to grant value and outreach.

Projects Awarded to Customers

Final FY2017



ISS National Lab Return Customers


ISS National Lab New Customers

CASIS Seed Funding toward Total Project Cost

Final FY2017


Total Value of CASIS Grants Awarded

Final FY2017


Cumulative from Year to Year

Solicitations / Competitions

Actual FY2017


Project Proposals Generated

Final FY2017


Total Peer Reviewed Results Published in Scientific Journals

Total 2005-2017


*Some citations included in this metric were published prior to the designation in 2005 by the US Congress creating the ISS National Lab, but were included because the publications describe ISS flight hardware and/or flight data for investigations sponsored by the ISS National Lab and flown to the ISS.

Grants Funding and Mission Based Costs Paid

Q4 FY2017

$1,505,549 Academic
$1,949,087 Commercial
$308,647 Mission Based Costs
$3,763,283 Total

TOTALS FY2012 $2,120,000

TOTALS FY2013 $6,146,511

TOTALS FY2014 $6,028,157

TOTALS FY2015 $5,648,088

TOTALS FY2016$6,818,907

TOTALS FY2017$7,243,341

Allocation of Expenses

Q4 FY2017

33.5% Direct
8.0% Indirect
58.6% Grants






Q1 FY2017

Q2 FY2017

Q3 FY2017

Sponsored Program/External Funding for Grants

Total FY2017


STEM Programs (active)

Total FY2017


Number of Participants Engaged in STEM Activities*

Total FY2017


*students, educators and other participants

Outreach Events

Conferences and Industry Sponsored Events

Total FY2017


Speaking Opportunities

Total FY2017


Total Media Impact

News Mentions

Total FY2017


Twitter Followers

Total FY2017



Website Visitors

Total FY2017


Social Media Engagement

Total FY2017


Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

ISS National Lab Payloads Manifested

Final FY2017


ISS National Lab Payloads Delivered

Final FY2017


In-orbit commercial facilities

Final FY2017


In-orbit commercial facility managers

Final FY2017


Maximize Utilization: CASIS to use 50% of U.S. allocation onboard the ISS.

Increment Upmass (kg) Downmass (kg) Crewtime (hrs)
Actuals Actuals Allocation* Actuals^ Reserve Usage**
Inc 37/38 (Sep 2013-Mar 2014) 334.7 7.9 427 78.42 - 18%
Inc 39/40 (Mar 2014-Sep 2014) 389.1 197.8 386 70.75 - 18%
Inc 41/42 (Sep 2014-Mar 2015) 716 705.5 346 130.29 - 38%
Inc 43/44 (Mar 2015-Sep 2015)* 538.3 165.93 229 223.33 - 98%
Inc 45/46 (Sept 2015-Mar 2016) 384.6 0 293 125.75 - 43%
Inc 47/48 (Mar 2016-Sept 2016) 760.9 313.54 356 314.25 - 88%
Inc 49/50 (Sept 2016-Mar 2017) 392 83 4032 311.58 - 77%
Inc 51/52 (Mar 2017-Sept 2017) 931 300 328 446.58 - 136%
Inc 53/54 (Sept 2017-Mar 2018) 1580 358 503 349 165 54%

Data through 4/13/2017

* “Allocation” is defined as the baselined number of crew time hours allocated by NASA at increment minus 3 months to the ISS National Lab for prioritized utilization to directly support in-orbit ISS NL payload utilization operations.
^ “Actuals” are defined as the definite and verified number of crew time hours that were utilized to support in-orbit ISS NL payload utilization operations. This data is collected reported and verified by NASA after the actual in-orbit operations have been completed.
** ”Usage” is defined as the percentage of ISS National Lab allocated crew time hours that were actually utilized during a given increment pair.

1. Incudes SpaceX CRS-7 upmass/downmass
2. Inc 49/50 I-3 crew time allocation was 312 hours. Additional crew time allocation was added over the course of the increment pair.