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ISS National Lab Releases Gap Analysis on Earth Observation Capabilities from ISS

Published on Thursday, April 28, 2016

ISS National Lab Releases Gap Analysis on Earth Observation Capabilities from ISS

CASIS Gap Analysis Report

Last year, CASIS commissioned a study to evaluate the capabilities and limitations of the ISS as a host for commercial remote sensing payloads, including the products and needs of the data analytics community. A full report is now available detailing the findings of this study in the context of the expanding commercial market for Earth observation technologies and analysis.

The ISS provides a unique vantage point for Earth observation, and the ISS infrastructure itself provides many advantages as a robust platform for sensor deployment. Real-time and time-series information gathered from remote sensing applications have proven invaluable to resource management, environmental monitoring, geologic and oceanographic studies, and assistance with disaster relief efforts. This report, an analysis of the gaps between ISS capabilities and limitations in the remote sensing market, is meant to initiate a path toward optimal use of the ISS National Lab as a platform for project implementation and technology development. The report includes:

  • Expert contacts from NASA, CASIS, commercial leaders, and government agencies
  • Recommendations for how to support humanitarian and educational enrichment
  • Implementation strategies for hardware and technology adaptation on the ISS
  • Details on current and planned missions, data sources, and validation requirements

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