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News and Views from the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory.

Jul 21, 2016

Superheroes, Celebrities and the Space Station to Highlight Comic-Con San Diego 2016

July has been an exciting month for the ISS National Laboratory and the CASIS team supporting two important events—the ISS R&D Conference, which brought together researchers, thought leaders, and new users to talk about the space station, new results, and expanding research capabilities in space; and the SpaceX-9 re-supply mission launch, which delivered more than 20 National Lab research payloads that will contribute to a bevy of scientific investigations. CASIS outreach team is setting its sights on another exciting opportunity to communicate the importance of the ISS National Laboratory to a new community—Comic-Con San Diego!Read more

Jul 20, 2016

SpaceX CRS-9: Major Payloads Sponsored by the ISS U.S. National Laboratory

Jul 14, 2016

CASIS Releases Final Report on Microgravity Protein Crystal Growth Workshop

For more than 30 years, microgravity has been used to improve outcomes of crystal analyses through production of higher quality and larger crystals. Many crystals grown in microgravity are larger and more detailed than those grown on Earth, providing protein structures that are more accurate. This allows better structure-based drug designs while also informing improved strategies for drug manufacturing—with the end goal of more effective and affordable pharmaceuticals.Read more

Jun 16, 2016

Upward Issue 2 – the quarterly magazine of the ISS National Lab

Delve into issue 2 of Upward to learn about more exciting research on the ISS National Lab. In this issue, Kenneth Savin, advisor for clinical innovation at Eli Lilly and Company, shares his perspective on the value that designing experiments to fly on the ISS has brought to the global pharmaceutical company. Peer inside bones to see what researchers are learning about the role of gravity and osteocytes (a type of bone cell) in bone health. Discover how a researcher and her company are bringing lifelike motion to prosthetic limbs through materials science research on the ISS. And read along as a high school student’s dream takes flight when her Genes in Space™experiment launches to the ISS. Explore Upward!Read more

Apr 28, 2016

ISS National Lab Releases Gap Analysis on Earth Observation Capabilities from ISS

Last year, CASIS commissioned a study to evaluate the capabilities and limitations of the ISS as a host for commercial remote sensing payloads, including the products and needs of the data analytics community. A full report is now available detailing the findings of this study in the context of the expanding commercial market for Earth observation technologies and analysis.

Read more

Apr 8, 2016

Eli Lilly & Company Fly to the ISS for R&D

Eli Lilly & Company is willing to go the extra mile for research and development—230 miles straight up, in fact—to the International Space Station (ISS). Eli Lilly scientists were among the first to mass-produce penicillin, the polio vaccine, and insulin, with the aim to save lives through research and quality control. Now, 140 years since its founding, this major pharmaceutical company is again breaking new ground with the launch of multiple experiments to the ISS. Why are they going so far? The stable, persistent microgravity environment on the ISS cannot be found on Earth. Eli Lilly is planning to conduct five experiments on the ISS U.S. National Laboratory over the next year; science conducted in space to make discoveries that will improve life on Earth. Three of the five experiments are launching on the SpaceX-8 mission: two performing the delicate process of protein crystal growth and one testing a new treatment for muscle wasting.Read more
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