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The newest platform to better understand life on Earth now lies 220 miles above its surface.

Research onboard the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory offers an unparalleled opportunity to understand how gravity influences physical and life sciences—exploiting these effects to understand basic phenomena and advance commercial pursuits. CASIS is now facilitating access to this powerful platform—helping you transform your research into flight-ready experiments that can yield previously unattainable results.

The CASIS Advantage

In this new era of scientific discovery, CASIS is the gateway to advancing the space-based research and development that will define tomorrow’s world. CASIS is uniquely positioned to facilitate and expedite access to the National Lab, leveraging the experience and knowledge of the CASIS team to ensure that researchers, principal investigators, and private commercial entities alike are afforded the most efficient pathway to flight.

What CASIS can do for you

The CASIS management team will support and assist researchers and principal investigators in transitioning their science and research experiments into manifested payloads that will be launched and delivered directly to the National Lab.

CASIS offers researchers the following benefits: 

  • Admission to the world’s most specialized research platform for unparalleled innovation and discovery
  • Access to the experimental variables of microgravity and the extreme space environment, as well as a powerful vantage point for Earth observation
  • Support from experienced service providers, who can help scientists take full advantage of the resources and facilities onboard the National Lab
  • Assistance in acquiring specialized hardware and software for successful space-based experiments
  • Opportunities for funding via CASIS solicitations and prize competitions

CASIS also offers researchers the opportunity to network with colleagues, businesses and funding sources to expedite the forward movement of your research projects.


The ISS National Lab provides a broad spectrum of research opportunities, from basic scientific research through technology and product development. CASIS recognizes that your research project may involve or lead to the development of valuable intellectual property. Accordingly, CASIS provides several mechanisms to protect your confidential information and intellectual property, including: a secure data down link from ISS to your operation center; protected servers for maintaining confidential information; and internal policies addressing data security and confidentiality of customer information. CASIS will share information about your project with NASA only as required to certify a project for flight, in order to ensure flight safety. CASIS also requires that potential ISS users provide a plan for how they intend to treat or protect intellectual property generated from using the ISS U.S. National Lab.


CASIS seeks researchers, principal investigators, institutions, private commercial entities and educators with a desire to join CASIS and take advantage of the unique opportunities to conduct research in low Earth orbit onboard the National Lab.

To get started, interested parties should contact CASIS to provide an overview or white paper that includes biographies of the principal investigators and indicates whether the proposed research is already funded or will require funding, either as a whole or in part.

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