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What CASIS Can Do For You

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: CASIS offers broad support for your business and research interests prior to flying to the International Space Station (ISS). This includes access to:

  • Our implementation partners that have successfully supported space-based research and development before
  • Information on previous research to help you formulate your objectives and a business plan
  • Potential funding sources and other financing opportunities
  • State-of-the-art ground processing facilities

ISS SUPPORT: CASIS works with NASA and our implementation partners to identify and provide on-orbit services including mission management, operations, data download and access to the flight crew for experiment success.

POSTFLIGHT: CASIS helps drive your success by identifying logistics providers and processing facilities to quickly and effectively support your post-flight research needs. CASIS can also assist in developing data collection and media support tailored to your specific requirements, and can help you find resources for your intellectual property planning. Most importantly, CASIS will help you prepare for the next step in your research plans, including your plans for subsequent flight opportunities and potential investment funding.

FUNDING: CASIS has access to funding that may be available to support your R&D costs, making discovery and validation more productive. CASIS can also provide access to proven flight hardware and ISS facilities that can be considered for your research needs.

COST EFFICIENCY: Combined with NASA’s commitment to supporting flight costs, CASIS’s support before and after flight may help you dramatically reduce the costs of getting to the ISS. There has never been a better time to fly!

CONFIDENTIALITY: The ISS National Lab provides a broad spectrum of research opportunities, from basic scientific research through technology and product development. CASIS recognizes that your research project may involve or lead to the development of valuable intellectual property. Accordingly, CASIS provides several mechanisms to protect your confidential information and intellectual property, including: a secure data down link from ISS to your operation center; protected servers for maintaining confidential information; and internal policies addressing data security and confidentiality of customer information. CASIS will share information about your project with NASA only as required to certify a project for flight, in order to ensure flight safety. CASIS also requires that potential ISS users provide a plan for how they intend to treat or protect intellectual property generated from using the ISS U.S. National Lab.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: CASIS has several options available for utilizing the ISS National Lab. On a regular basis, we will release formal research and technology development solicitations that you may respond to. In addition, CASIS welcomes any research proposals at any time. Our team will provide you with networking opportunities across the country (see our events calendar), and we are available to schedule a meeting to discuss your interests and needs at your convenience. CASIS also welcomes unsolicited proposals. While our unsolicited proposal process is streamlined, we do require the following minimum information for consideration:

  • brief executive summary of your proposed research program
  • description of the readiness of your overall proposed project
  • top-level schedule of project plans and targets for completion
  • description of the type of funding support your project will need to succeed
  • description of the scientific-based requirement for utilizing the ISS National Lab to conduct your research

Many launch opportunities are available to fly your payloads to the International Space Station. Currently, several payload flights are scheduled to launch between September 2014 and the end of 2015.

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